Solar park
A73 Beuningen



  • Irrevocable environmental permit
  • SDE++
  • Connection to the grid
  • Construction starts spring 2023
  • Added value

  • Added value 2.5 hectares of nature, with considerable attention for water and environmentally friendly banks
  • Landscape integration in accordance with the Gelderland Area Guide for Solar Fields
  • Development in collaboration with the local energy cooperative Energie voor Vier
  • Participation

  • 100% Dutch ownership
  • Contribution to municipal (sustainability) fund
  • Collaboration

    ZonXP deems it important to collaborate with local residents, the municipal council, and local businesses during the development and construction of the solar park. We also form partnerships with, for example, the local Energy cooperative Energie voor Vier and the Rivierenland Water Authority. We aim to work together to shape the design of the solar park, striving to involve everyone at an early stage, while communicating openly and transparently. If you have any questions or comments about the solar park, please feel free to contact us.


    The solar panels are positioned in a south-facing arrangement with ample space between the rows of panels. This ensures that the ground receives sufficient light exposure for the development of nature and bio diversity. This is how the soil quality is preserved.

    A hedge of native shrubs will be placed, concealing the view of the backside of the panels from the highway. By keeping the hedge from growing too tall, the sense of an open space will be maintained. The ditches will be widened and provided with natural banks. The soil excavated from this procedure will be used to create a dike along the side. The vegetation on the slopes will make it seem as though the solar fields are enclosed by nature; a green frame around the solar panels.