Solar park



  • Irrevocable environmental permit
  • SDE++
  • Connection to the grid
  • Construction starts summer 2023
  • Added value

  • 3 hectares of nature
  • Realization ecological zones and partridge strip
  • Upgrading recreational cycle route
  • Participation

  • 100% Dutch ownership
  • Contribution to municipal (sustainability) fund
  • Collaboration

    ZonXP deems it important to collaborate with local residents, the municipal council, and local businesses during the development and construction of the solar park. We also form partnerships with nature associations (Namiro and Benegora), the Brabant Delta Water Authority, the province of Brabant and the vocational training company WVS group. We aim to work together to shape the design of the solar park, striving to involve everyone at an early stage, while communicating openly and transparently. If you have any questions or comments about the solar park, please feel free to contact us.


    Because the land beneath the panels and the 3 hectares used for landscaping are managed in an ecological manner, the solar park will provide insects with an abundance of food. Solar parks with effective ecological management lead to an increased diversity of species in the area. Hence, the solar park transforms into a nature park. In addition, a partridge gate will be established here.