Solar parks

The power of the sun

During the development of a new solar park, EnergieXP works closely together with the farmer/land owner, providing knowledge, investment and technology. In most cases, EnergieXP the land owner and/or the local energy cooperative jointly develop the solar park from the very beginning. The land owner and/or the local energy cooperative may, for instance, become co-owner(s) of the solar park, ensuring that energy revenues end up locally.

EnergieXP develops the solar parks with respect for nature and ensures a spacious landscape integration at all times. The solar panels are, in most cases, placed in a south-facing orientation, allowing enough space for sunlight and rain. As a result, the solar parks contribute to an increasing biodiversity. And at the end of the project’s life span, the land can be used for agriculture once again.

EnergieXP always develops solar parks with consideration for the surrounding area, allowing for ample input from local residents. We make clear arrangements with the local community and strive to minimize inconveniences caused by the solar park for any nearby residents.

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